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Elevator Contractors in Kearny, New Jersey

Elevator Maintenance Corp. of Kearny, New Jersey, offers a variety of services from skilled elevator contractors. You can count on us for all your maintenance, repair, and modernization needs. With a full inventory and skilled technicians, we provide fast, efficient services to keep your elevator in service.
Since 1950, we have stayed at the forefront of the elevator industry and work to set the standard of elevator performance and maintenance. When we have finished working on your elevator, it will have the same reliability, speed, and efficiency as the day your elevator was installed.
We can provide any service needed by building owners and managers, and all services are available in-house. Our highly-skilled engineers and mechanics are available 24 hours a day for emergency services, maintenance, repair, and modernization for both electric and hydraulic elevators. Our technicians are certified in OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 as well as qualified by IBW Local #3 and service Federal, State, and Municipal buildings, as well as hospitals, colleges, and commercial and residential buildings.
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Elevator Repair

Elevator Maintenance Corp. provides a variety of elevator services. We provide free elevator surveys and have a full inventory of replacement parts to ensure fast, quality service.

Maintenance & Modernization

Count on us for your maintenance and modernization. Whether you're updating an old elevator, or you're looking for professional elevator maintenance our skilled technicians provide excellent services for your facility.
Contact us in Kearny, New Jersey, to schedule an appointment with our elevator technicians.