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Elevator Modernization Services in Kearny, New Jersey

With proper maintenance, the expected operating life of an elevator is 25 to 30 years. Over time, your system may no longer comply with regulatory requirements as outlined under laws like the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you believe it's time to upgrade your system, the engineers and mechanics from Elevator Maintenance Corp. can assist you with the modernization process.
Our firm provides service to buildings in New Jersey. Our headquarters are based in Kearny, NJ,. When we modernize a system, the customer receives three months of free service. We also back all of our parts and labor with a one-year warranty.
Glass Elevator — Elevator Replacement in Kearny, NJ
Modern Elevator Button — Elevator Parts in Kearny, NJ
We can help you achieve improvements through the implementation of updated computerized systems. Our newer units often allow customers to achieve surprising levels of energy efficiency too. These new systems can reduce wait times and create the greater sense of competency and effectiveness that tenants demand.
Our certified technicians can go over every detail of your system. They can help you replace or renovate an entire cab or put in new door protection devices. If you have a power or pump unit that needs to be upgraded, we can deal with that too. We can also convert valves over to more modern designs, and our mechanics can even change emergency lowering devices. We'll also make sure that your fire service compliance is up to code. You can also have us swap in new signaling fixtures.
We maintain regular business hours five days a week with 24-7 Emergency Service. Contact Elevator Maintenance Corp. today and discover the difference our professionals can make by modernizing your building's elevators.